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Friday 22nd February 2019 - The Magnificence

Devotees of ‘down home’ authentic New Orleans jazz were treated to two and a half hours of it in our February gig, when ‘The Magnificence’ reminded their audience of why the genre has never lost its attraction.  From the haunting and mournful simplicity of ‘Saint James Infirmary Blues’ to the foot-tapping Dixieland standard ‘Bill Bailey’, this talented Northern Rivers five piece led by trumpeter and vocalist Cameron Smith gave it their all, while pausing occasionally to reveal their quirky side.  Not only did they recreate the Foster and Allen classic ‘Maggie’ in their own style, not only did they make ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ sound as if it had just been written, but they threw in, for good measure, their self-penned alternative medicine offering of ‘Grandma’s Herbal Cure-all’.  Perhaps the herb to which they were referring had something to do with the fact that the CD they had on sale was recorded in Nimbin.  A great night, guys, and come back soon!

September 27th 2018


Nimbin Goodtimes Magazine January 2018

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