Professional Trumpet player, brass teacher,
singer, songwriter.
Based in the Northern Rivers.
Trumpet Strumpet.

As a songwriter I have written songs for Moochers Inc, Brass Knuckle Brass Band and The Magnificence and co written horn lines for some of the newer East Row Rabble tunes and Brealyn Sheehan's EP. I have written and arranged horn parts for a few other collaborations that you can check out in the videos section.

As a performer I have been lucky enough to tour internationally, play at a wide variety of festivals and play music with my friends in trad to funk bands, playing in classical orchestras and orchestras for Musicals.

Currently I am living in Lismore and working for the Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Music, teaching brass and woodwind and conducting school bands. I also perfrom regularly with Trad jazz band The Magnificence, Afrobeat band Timbuktu and New Orleans Brass Band The Broken Levee Brass Band

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